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Many Benefits Through Prosthodontics featured image
October 6, 2022

Many Benefits Through Prosthodontics

People tend to be familiar with the prefix dent- or dont-, meaning “tooth.” We see this in words like “orthodontic” and “dentist.” So the term.
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816 Med Spa Helps You Be Your Best featured image
September 29, 2022

816 Med Spa Helps You Be Your Best

Understandably, most people think of us when they are looking for new solutions for their smile. But we are proud to offer our aesthetic services to you.
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Your Jaw Can Ruin Sleep featured image
September 20, 2022

Your Jaw Can Ruin Sleep

Snoring is a very common occurrence, and for most people, it poses no true problem to your health. Besides annoying your significant other, it is.
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Amazingly Private Alignment Treatment featured image
September 15, 2022

Amazingly Private Alignment Treatment

For those people who have issues with their alignment, they may think that their time has passed. When we think of orthodontic treatment, we are inclined to.
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Your Comfort Is Our Aim featured image
September 8, 2022

Your Comfort Is Our Aim

Let’s face it: most people find it to be at least a little daunting to visit the dentist. Unless you are in serious pain, or have experienced.
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Don’t Put off Cleanings! featured image
September 1, 2022

Don’t Put off Cleanings!

Our schedules can be very hectic, and sometimes people put off their routine cleanings and examinations. While we understand that it may seem unnecessary if you have.
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The Breathtaking Story of Veneers featured image
August 25, 2022

The Breathtaking Story of Veneers

The use of ceramic material as a durable, beautiful covering for your teeth seems to be everywhere these days, and is a fairly common procedure for people.
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An Array of Surgical Options featured image
August 18, 2022

An Array of Surgical Options

Despite the highly localized region of the body, the mouth is an incredibly complex thing. This of course then reflects on the diversity of care.
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Track Sensitivity Clues featured image
August 11, 2022

Track Sensitivity Clues

Sensitivity in the teeth is a major issue in the American population. Over one-third of us have some form of the condition, so this is a.
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Let’s Talk About Our Lifelike Dental Bridges featured image
April 30, 2021

Let’s Talk About Our Lifelike Dental Bridges

When you have a missing tooth, you need a prosthetic to fill the gap and prevent complications for your oral health and smile beauty. To.
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