Tooth Extraction

When Tooth Extraction Is Necessary

When your smile is threatened by a dental issue, such as tooth decay or periodontal disease, your dentist can usually help you mitigate the damage with appropriate treatment. The ultimate goal is to help you preserve your natural smile, which is preferable to having to replace one or more teeth. However, there are instances in which a tooth may not be saved, such as when it suffers extensive damage, a fractured root, or a severe internal infection. Tooth extraction can make it possible for your dentist to eliminate a threat to the rest of your oral health, and then successfully restore your smile with a lifelike dental prosthetic.
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Extraction Site Preservation

Whether a tooth is lost by accident or extracted due to necessity, its loss can have long-lasting effects on the health, balance, and integrity of your bite. The loss of the tooth’s root, in particular, can cause the surrounding jawbone to resorb, gradually changing the shape of the jawbone.

To preserve your bite and make replacing the tooth easier, we offer tooth extraction site preservation, which involves using biocompatible material to fortify the emptied tooth socket. By preserving the extraction site, you have a higher chance of qualifying for a dental implant—a prosthetic post that is inserted into the jawbone to support a lifelike replacement crown. Replacing an extracted tooth with a dental implant helps preserve the long-term integrity of the jawbone by reestablishing stimulation every time you bite and chew.

Find Out if Your Tooth Needs Extraction

When tooth extraction becomes necessary, learn how best to preserve your smile afterward. To find out if a tooth extraction is your best option, schedule an appointment by calling Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry of Kansas City today at (816) 897-4288.

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