What Is Twinkles® Tooth Jewelry?

At our office, we’re as dedicated to keeping your smile beautiful as we are to keeping it in excellent health. We’re proud to offer all of our patients the option to add a unique sparkle to their smiles with the addition of Twinkles® tooth jewelry!

Twinkle® star jewel with crystal in center

Combining the ageless grace of Swarovski crystals and the royal elegance of 18k and 24k gold, Twinkles® jewelry provides state-of-the-art fashion for your smile. We can bond your crystal or gold Twinkles® to your tooth in our office in just a matter of minutes, and it can be removed without leaving a trace on your tooth.

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How Much Does Twinkles® Tooth Jewelry Cost?

Twinkles® jewelry begins at $99 for each crystal and $199 for 18k and 24k gold pieces. To browse our full selection of items, schedule a visit by calling our office today at (816) 897-4288.

Ask Us About Twinkles® Tooth Jewelry

Twinkles® tooth jewelry helps set your smile apart by adding an extra sparkle without damaging your tooth enamel. To learn more about the benefits of a Twinkles® accessory, schedule a consultation with your cosmetic dentist, call Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry of Kansas City, today at (816) 897-4288.

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