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Many Benefits Through Prosthodontics

October 6, 2022
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People tend to be familiar with the prefix dent- or dont-, meaning “tooth.” We see this in words like “orthodontic” and “dentist.” So the term prosthodontic refers to the creation of replacement structures within the mouth. This is a specialization that has a broad scale of uses!

Prosthodontists familiarize themselves with many different procedures. These can include issues with the existing teeth, such as with crowns and porcelain veneers. If there are missing parts of your smile, you may require a bridge or a partial denture. These are also things that fall under this umbrella. Dental implants are a newer area of technology that has absolutely exploded in popularity. If you are dealing with issues with your jaw bone, these specialists are the ones to see for restoration of that matter.

Today, your Kansas City, MO dentist explains the role of a prosthodontist, and how they help save smiles across the world every day! And if you think you may need to see an oral health professional, please do not wait!

Tooth Repair

Prosthodontists can hopefully attend to an issue while it is still located to a single, existing tooth. Let’s be honest: cracks can happen, regardless of how well you maintain your oral hygiene. We simply cannot avoid all of the potential dangers that exist in the outside world.

This is why crowns can be incredibly helpful in limiting damage early. By placing a sturdy cap on top of your existing natural structure, we can reinforce your own defenses. If there is an infection within the tooth, a root canal surgery may be necessary prior to the placement of the crown. This includes a pulpectomy, where the interior flesh is removed and the connections to your jaw are sealed. This is an effective procedure, but if we can attend to it before it is necessary, that is ideal.

Missing Teeth

If you are currently missing some one or more teeth, prosthodontists can help with replacement using a few different methods. If the location has two healthy and strong structures on either side, we can place a dental bridge. This is a prosthetic that relies on crowns on the side, or abutment teeth.

A newer technology is the use of dental implant for replacement. This is formed using a titanium post into the bone of the jaw. This creates a stable base for a prosthetic that can be custom designed specifically for your smile.

Jaw Concerns

Beneath our external oral structures lies our bone. This is very important in holding our teeth, and the loss of it can lead to a weakening of your defenses. Without your jaw snugly holding your mouth together, you are much more susceptible to loss and decay.

Whatever your concerns, feel safe if you are in the hands of a skilled prosthodontist. This extra specialization helps develop unique, custom smiles, built to last!

More Concerns? Give Us a Call!

If you have any further questions about how prosthodontists repair and replace our damaged dental material, please give Dr. Lucaci at Cosmetic Implant Dentistry Kansas City in Kansas City, MO a call today at (816)320-6414!