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The Breathtaking Story of Veneers

August 25, 2022
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The use of ceramic material as a durable, beautiful covering for your teeth seems to be everywhere these days, and is a fairly common procedure for people to have performed. But realistically, it has only been a viable solution for a few decades. The amount of development has been amazing, and the rate at which it has spread to new creative uses has been really fun to watch.

Today, your Kansas City, Missouri dentist explains some of the history behind the development of this technology, and the important advancements that have led us to today! This might be a fantastic option for your smile, and can cover up many different concerns that people have with their smile.

When Did We Begin?

It may seem like we have been using porcelain as a sturdy and realistic cap over damaged teeth for forever. It is a common thing, without a massive amount of recovery time. So this technology must have been being used for centuries, right?

Well, actually, this is a pretty recent technology, and wasn’t viable until years later for a variety of reasons. Initially, a dentist in Hollywood who also worked on film sets named Charles Pincus made a set of fake teeth for an actor and held them using an adhesive. This was very much a situation of make-up and special effects rather than a functional daily apparatus. This was in 1929, and the concept really didn’t take off.

When Did It Become Common?

In the late 1950s, however, a particular process entitled etching began to be used in the United States. This used acid to eat away at the enamel of the teeth, creating an uneven and porous surface. While this is obviously undesirable in our natural teeth, it made for many holes and areas for dental cement to fill. By really getting deep into crevices, it creates a very structurally sound connection between the tooth and an overlaid prosthetic.

Even then, routine porcelain veneer procedures weren’t taking hold across the nation. This changed in 1982, when an important study was released highlighting the possibility of the two technologies to work in tandem. Since then, ceramic covers have become standard in the acting field, or for many public figures.

A Versatile Solution

Today, we can use this technology to remedy so many concerns with your smile. Firstly, many instances of tooth damage are best served using this method, if there is a healthy natural base available. But also, if your questions are primarily cosmetic, this can be very helpful for you, as well.

Misalignment, oddly-shaped teeth, shortened teeth, there are near endless situations that can be helped by the use of porcelain veneers. If you have questions about the best way to move forward, we are always here to help you plan a fantastic future for your smile!

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