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Track Sensitivity Clues

August 11, 2022
a man having tooth pain

Sensitivity in the teeth is a major issue in the American population. Over one-third of us have some form of the condition, so this is a highly common concern among dental patients. Many people simply choose to live with it, and that is not necessary. Armed with proper knowledge, you may be able to help avoid and even repair the issue.

Today, your Kansas City, MO dentist explains some common causes that lead to dentin sensitivity. And what you should note for the next time you visit your trained oral health care professional!

Many Things Can Lead To Sensitivity

A whole host of factors can play into the development of dentin sensitivity, so it is important to pay attention to the times and causes of any attack. Is it heat or cold that are affecting you? Is it a constant problem or is it sporadic? How sharp is the discomfort? All of these things are great to write down so that you can get as full of a view of the situation as possible.

For others, sugars can lead to pain in their mouth. If this is the case for you, note the location of this discomfort. Your dentist will need to examine you for a deep cavity of a crack in the tooth. This could be a sign of bacterial growth within the structure of the tooth.

If this is the case, most likely you will need to have a root canal. During this procedure, a dentist will drill through the tooth, to the root and pulp within. Then, they will perform what is known as a pulpectomy, where the fleshy interior is removed. This effectively renders the tooth dead, cut off from the blood flow of the body.

But this also means relief from your pain! Afterward, you will most often require a crown to be placed on top for added support. Our composite crowns are designed to last you a lifetime, as a full replacement for your natural, healthy tooth.

What Are My Options?

If this discomfort is causing disturbances in your daily life, you should try to visit your dentist as soon as you possibly can. A cleaning and examination is always best to identify and treat oral health concerns.

In the time in between, there are a few ways that you can help stave off irritation. If you currently are having your teeth whitened, it might be beneficial for you to either limit or cease entirely, as this could be weakening your enamel. This also includes whitening toothpastes, as even their active ingredient could be causing you trouble.

If you grind your teeth, either at night or during the day, it may be time to seek assistance in limiting this unconscious behavior. Night guards may help protect your teeth, either an over-the-counter version or a custom protector, if your dentist requests.

During this time, please remember to keep up with your daily oral health routine. This includes twice-daily brushing, as well as a daily oral rinse and flossing. Seek out a toothpaste designed to protect sensitive teeth, sometimes even that can be enough to soothe you.

Let’s End Your Suffering!

If you have any further questions, or to schedule an appointment, please give Dr. Lucaci at Cosmetic Implant Dentistry Kansas City in Kansas City, MO a call today at (816)320-6414.