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Don’t Put off Cleanings!

September 1, 2022
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Our schedules can be very hectic, and sometimes people put off their routine cleanings and examinations. While we understand that it may seem unnecessary if you have a strong home oral health routine, there are many things we can monitor and address in the office.

There simply is no substitute for a dentist’s eye, and many technologies are only available in an office setting. Today, your Kansas City, MO dentist reiterates the benefits of setting a firm schedule with your oral health provider. This way, we can address possible issues before they cause harm!

Stick to the Plan

Patients who maintain a stricter schedule with their exams have a higher likelihood of following through on their appointments. And the more regular you make your visits, the more complete an image we can glean from your mouth. And there are certain times when that is incredibly important.

For teens and young adults, often setting appointments can be daunting, or they test how long they can really avoid doing a necessary task. That is completely understandable and part of becoming an adult, as they begin to learn their priorities.

This also comes at a time when their wisdom teeth begin to emerge, and coupling those two things together can be a recipe for danger. So if you are of that age, or if you are a parent, we want to be sure that this mouth is being monitored, both by eye and through x-rays.

These images can show future collisions with your existing teeth, and your dentist or oral surgeon can extract these molars before they cause serious harm, like overcrowding or overlapping. The strength of this growth can even crack your teeth, so it is very important not to ignore them.

Be at Your Best

Even those with the easiest mouths still need maintenance from time to time. Built-up plaque can harden into tartar on the surface of your enamel, and this material is strong enough to withstand a firm brushing. You need a dental hygienist who is armed with more serious technology to remove this, and leaving it can contribute heavily to tooth decay.

We should always keep an eye on our gums, as well. Almost half of Americans over the age of 30 suffer from periodontal disease, or the infection of the gum tissue. This is a serious condition that can cost your teeth, and even infect down into the bone of the jaw. A trained eye can catch signs of this sooner rather than later; preventive care tends to be a lot less invasive than restorative solutions.

It’s best to keep your existing smile looking gorgeous than try to play catch up cosmetically and medically. Coming regularly can make sure that your concerns are smoothed out, in a less stress-inducing way!

Schedule Today!

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