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Reviews and Testimonials From Our Patients

When I arrived at my first visit, I had anxiety, but it was the most comfortable, relaxing, and calm environment I’ve ever experienced. I was expecting discomfort, but instead I experienced a soothing and meditative visit, headphones with my choice of music, and a massage chair. Visiting Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry of Kansas City is not like visiting a regular office - I love my dentist! The entire staff is like a family, and they make you feel like part of that family. The front desk staff, hygienist, assistant, and doctor are excellent.
Kim C.
Going to any other dentist, I always left feeling more scared to return because of the experience. My opinion has changed dramatically after my visit here. The staff, especially Dr. Shapiro and Molli (my hygienist), were exceptionally nice, and everyone will make you feel more comfortable than ever walking into a dental office. 11 out of 10!
Dr. Jackson is the best! He has gone above and beyond to give me the smile of my dreams. He listened to what I wanted and respected my decisions throughout the entire process. His staff is also very friendly and so welcoming. I’m very glad I found him and will definitely be returning.
Rachel S.
Every time I have an appointment, I am treated like the most important person in the room. Front desk is friendly and welcoming. My hygienist is awesome! I highly recommend coming here for your dental care. It’s not just the relaxing massage chairs that make it special, it’s the staff.
Catherine C.
Finally found an exceptional Dentist and Staff. I cannot express how highly I recommend them for their professional, friendly, and knowledgeable service. If it’s for regular checkups or more difficult situations... start here!
Pat S.
This dentistry practice is by far the best I’ve been to. Dr. Jackson and his team did a remarkable job. I expected pain after my appointment, but I had none at all. The work was flawless.
Garrett T.
The best service for a dentist I have ever had. I have sensitive gums and I'm ticklish too. Nothing was bad. I also loved the dentist chairs. They had a massage in the chair so it made the experience even better.
Emily R.
One of the best medical experiences I’ve ever had. Everyone was extremely pleasant and friendly, and they took time to explain everything they were doing and to ask if I had questions every step of the way. They were also efficient and timely. Excellent service all around!
Ryan C.

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