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Can Dental Implants Be Placed Same Day?

September 4, 2019
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Placing dental implants helps protect smiles in Kansas City, MO, from a number of harmful complications, including to the loss of jawbone density and an older appearance. However, the placement process often includes a long wait between placement and the addition of a restoration or prosthetic. Fortunately, in some case we can actually offer same-day dental implants.

The Six Month Wait

A dental implant is a screw-like device that is made from titanium, a biocompatible material. During an oral surgical procedure, we will insert them into the jawbone. Now comes the wait. The dental implant and the jawbone tissue will bond, securing it like a new tooth root. Known as osseointegration, this process usually takes between four and six months. Afterward, we can place a restoration or a prosthetic to complete your smile. But is it possible to receive your prosthetic the same day? Could you avoid having a gap in your smile while you wait for osseointegration?

The Same-Day Process

We use implant dentistry for more than just addressing a single tooth at a time. In fact, we can offer fixed dentures, full and partial, to restore the function, health, and beauty of your smile. For some patients, once we insert the dental implants, we will place a prosthetic the same day. You then leave the office with a full and complete smile, and don’t need to wait four to six months to obtain a final prosthetic.

Are They Right for Me?

How do you know if implant-secured prosthetics are right for you? Well, we will first need to look at your jawbone. When we lose multiple natural teeth, the body stops providing the jawbone around these missing teeth with doses of calcium and phosphorus. Without these nutrients, the bone tissue breaks down and the jawbone loses mass and density. We need to make sure your jawbone can support a new tooth. If not, then we may first recommend a bone grafting procedure. We also look at gum disease, as the advanced stage of the disease could cause the new tooth to fail. Treatment to manage the disease may be recommended. During your consultation, we will examine your smile to assess your candidacy, and to see if same day tooth replacement is the right choice for you. If you have any questions about tooth loss, or if you’re ready to obtain a full smile again, then contact our team today.

Ready for a Full Smile?

In a single day, our team may be able to transform the health and beauty of your smile with a custom prosthetic. To learn more about creating and maintaining dentures, then please schedule a consultation by calling Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry of Kansas City, MO, today at 816-427-4018.