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Your Smile Is Linked to Your Health

September 26, 2018
Women eating food with smile

People can often disassociate the mouth’s health from the rest of the body’s health. This could be because you go to a dentist for one and a doctor for another. Whatever the reason, the fact is that your oral health is directly related to your overall health. While there are many occasions when your body’s health may lead to symptoms in your mouth (dry mouth, lesions, etc.), today, we will be discussing the things going on in your mouth that can spread to the rest of your body. Your dental team in Kansas City, MO, wants to help you keep your smile healthy for your overall health’s sake.

Periodontal Disease

Gum disease can cause inflammation and infection to occur inside your mouth. Studies have shown that patients living with an advanced stage of periodontal disease have a higher risk for heart disease, diabetes, stroke, arthritis, and more. Periodontal disease can also adversely affect your immune system, which can put you at risk. People already living with diabetes could risk dangerous complications if they also have gum disease.


Missing teeth or having teeth that are in pain from decay or sensitivity can affect the way that you eat. Avoiding certain foods because you cannot properly chew them can make a big difference in the nutrients and vitamins that you are eating. If the state of your teeth is affecting the way you eat (or speak), it is important to talk to your dentist about restorative options.

Mood & Stress

Using your muscles to smile can also help your body to deal with stress. If your gums or teeth make you less likely to smile, it can be affecting the way your brain and body manage stress. Your hormones, mood, sleep, etc. can all be negatively affected. If you can smile, smile because it does you good. If you feel to embarrassed to smile, it may be time to consider cosmetic options.

Oral Health Is Linked to Overall Health

Keeping your smile healthy can help keep your whole body healthy. To schedule a consultation, call Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry of Kansas City, today at 816-427-4018.