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Your Repairs Might Have Added Benefits

August 4, 2022
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Typically, when people are thinking of having a dental procedure, it is for a very specific reason. It is possible that you have cracked or broken a tooth and are in need of a single repair. Or you may need a more comprehensive oral health solution such as a full set of veneers.

Whatever the case may be, it is always possible that additional cosmetic or health-related positives may be available during your procedure. Today, your Kansas City, Missouri dentist writes to you about possible advantages you might be overlooking, and what you might need to discuss with your dentist.

Less Trauma, the Better

One benefit of trying to attempt multiple advantages simultaneously is the limitation of trauma to the mouth. Even a simple filling is not a walk in the park for your body’s immune system, so we need to make sure that any surgery or other strategy is absolutely necessary. Even minimal surgery can have complications, so it is not something that we take lightly.

That said, there may be a possibility to have minor corrections as a byproduct of another procedure. A prime example of this is with misalignment and porcelain veneers. Veneers are a ceramic cap that is cemented onto the top of an existing tooth structure. These are very popular with cracked and broken teeth.

They also may be used for people who have worn down their teeth due to a medical concern. People who are recovering from drug and alcohol abuse, or those with eating disorders, might have damage that has worn away at their enamel. This can also occur with patients experiencing bruxism, or the persistent grinding of teeth.

When these are placed, the entire forward-facing side of the smile is custom crafted by a highly skilled ceramicist. Because of this, we are not limited to the shape and size of the previous natural teeth. In this way, often minor alignment issues are solved during another procedure.

Implants Provide a Fresh Palette

Implants are another time in which we can see immense benefits in both the cosmetic and the medical side. One primary concern we have with patients needing them is a required bone graft to ensure that the jaw is properly strong and full.

When we lose a tooth, the body will do what is called reabsorb the jaw bone material. Our body has concluded that we are forever without it, and there is no need to exhaust valuable resources in maintaining or protecting unnecessary bone.

However, our goal is to keep that area as close to natural as possible, before the loss. By grafting bone into the location and placing an implant in the jaw, we are able to trick the body into believing that the prosthetic is part of it.

Let’s Talk Deeper!

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