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We Offer Stunning Smiles With Porcelain Veneers

January 30, 2019
porcelain veneers

We’ve been talking a lot about cosmetic dentistry. While whitening removes stains and bonding repairs minor damage, our lifelike porcelain veneers actually transform your smile’s appearance in just two visits, addressing multiple esthetic issues. How do we offer patients in Kansas City, MO, stunning smiles with our custom-made veneers?

Creating Your Restorations

How do we create these thin restorations? First, in order to ensure comfortable fit and a natural appearance, we need to make room for them. After removing a thin layer of outer enamel, we will take detailed impressions of your smile. In a dental lab setting, an expert ceramist will use the impression to design and create the restorations. Once complete, we will place them with a powerful bonding material in a follow-up visit. We use porcelain to create them because not only is the material incredibly strong and durable, but porcelain also contains stain-resistant properties and can be shaded to match your smile.

Smile Makeovers in Two Visits

Since they cover the front and sides of the teeth, we can use them to address a wide array of esthetic issues. For example, we’ve helped reshape malformed or damaged teeth, lengthen worn down teeth, and even close embarrassing gaps between your teeth. Placement also masks permanent teeth stains, the kind of discoloration that doesn’t often respond to teeth whitening. In some cases, we’ve even corrected the appearance of minor misalignment, offering a cosmetic alternative to braces.

Maintaining Your Newly Improved Smile

Like your natural teeth, care is crucial for keeping your veneers bright and strong. You should continue to brush your teeth twice daily for two minutes each session. We suggest using a fluoride toothpaste as well. Flossing before going to bed is also essential. Every six months, you need to see us for a checkup and cleaning. A checkup allows our team to monitor your smile, including your new restoration, and offering treatment to address oral health issues in the earliest possible stages. You also need a dental cleaning, which enables our team to completely remove plaque buildup from your teeth, safeguarding your smile (veneers included) against the threats posed by plaque and tartar. If you would like to learn more about our approach to cosmetic dentistry or if you think veneers will help you enjoy a stunning new smile, then please contact our team today. We want to help you achieve a brighter and healthier smile!

Do You Need Cosmetic Treatment?

With our custom cosmetic restorations, we want to help you enjoy a beautiful new smile. To learn more about our cosmetic restorations, as well as whitening and bonding, then please schedule a consultation by calling Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry of Kansas City, MO, today at 816-427-4018.