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Using Your Dental Benefits Before 2019

November 21, 2018

When it comes to most dental insurance plans, the benefits are based on the calendar year. This means that while we are already deep into the eleventh month of the year, there is not much time left of 2018. If you have dental insurance benefits to use before 2019, you have a limited amount of time to schedule an appointment to use them. Using your benefits means not leaving any money on the table. It also means that any amount of preventive care you can get that is fully covered, you can take full advantage of. Your team at Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry of Kansas City, MO can help you to understand your dental insurance benefits and help you make a plan to maximize your plan.

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Covered Preventive Care

Most dental insurance plans fully cover preventive care like routine exams, x-rays, and cleanings. In most situations, these preventive treatments are covered twice per calendar year (as it is the recommended schedule for most people). If you have not yet had two exams and dental cleanings in 2018, you could be leaving that coverage on the table. You could also be putting your smile at risk. Exams and cleanings at least twice a year are extremely important to keeping your oral health in good shape. An exam gives your dentist a chance to keep you ahead of any potential smile problems. Routine cleanings help eliminate bacteria build-up on your teeth and gums.

Maximize Maximums

Generally, a dental insurance plan has an annual maximum. Some plans have a deductible, where the insurance will only begin coverage once a certain amount out of the patient’s pocket is spent. Both the maximum amount and the deductible amount usually sets back to zero at the beginning of the next calendar year. Talking to your dental team about your dental insurance plan can give you a greater picture of what you have covered. This will allow you a better understanding of how best to maximize your insurance plan.

Do You Have 2018 Insurance Benefits to Use?

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