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Dental Cleanings for the Family

November 26, 2018

This time of year is often full of quality time for the family. College students may come home for winter break. The kids are home from school. The adults may even have some extra time off this time of year. Along with baking cookies and decorating throughout winter, why not think about scheduling dental cleanings for the family? Use that free time away from work and school to refresh your oral health. Depending on your dental insurance plan, you may have a fully-covered preventive cleaning about to expire. The team at Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry of Kansas City, MO is here to help take care of your family’s dental needs.

a girl checking her teeth

Removing Bacteria

The American Dental Association recommends getting a professional dental cleaning at least twice a year or every six months. Going longer between cleanings than the recommended time can allow for quite a build-up of bacteria-filled plaque and tartar (a main cause of tooth decay). Plaque is the sticky film that clings to the teeth throughout the day that you can remove through brushing and flossing. Tartar is the hardened, calcified version of plaque that is filled with the bacteria that can erode the enamel of your teeth. Plaque can turn into tartar in about a day. Tartar cannot be removed through brushing and flossing; it must be removed during a dental cleaning.

Staying Ahead of Problems

Removing built-up tartar from your smile reduces your risks of tooth decay and gum disease. A cleaning is also a great way for your dentist or hygienist to identify any potential bad habits or growing problems in your smile. For example, your dentist may notice that it looks like you miss the top left part of your smile when you brush. Pointing this out can give you a chance to thoroughly clean your smile to protect it from potential issues. A dental cleaning is an essential part of your oral healthcare.

When Was Your Last Dental Cleaning?

The end of the year can be a great time to your family’s dental cleanings. To schedule a consultation, call Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry of Kansas City, MO, today at 816-427-4018.