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Tooth-Loss Consequences You Can Avoid

August 15, 2018
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When you’re a child, losing a tooth can be exciting. You know it’s coming and it often means a visit from the Tooth Fairy. When you’re a grown-up, losing a tooth can be unnerving. You usually do not expect it, do not want it, and it usually does not include a visit from the Tooth Fairy. Your dentist in Kansas City, MO can work with you to offset the negative consequences of tooth loss. A dental implant paired with some type of dental prosthetic can restore your smile after the loss of a tooth.

Bone Density Loss

Each of your teeth has roots that connect the nerves and tissues of your tooth to the foundational tissue of your smile. The roots of your teeth stimulate your jawbone in a way that keeps important nutrients flowing to the bone. Essential nutrients keep the bone strong and fortified. When the nutrients stop flowing when the tooth roots are gone, the bone can lose density. A less dense bone is weaker and softer. A dental implant replaces the roots of the lost tooth, which also replaces the stimulation to the bone.

Smile Shifting

When a tooth is lost, it creates a void in the smile that the surrounding teeth will want to fill in. Your teeth can end up shifting, which can change the alignment of your smile. If you have a bridge or dentures without the support of an implant, the fit can change when the smile shifts. A dental implant can help to fill the void and strengthen the foundation of the smile.

Unnatural Appearance

A dental prosthetic paired with a dental implant can sit as close as possible to the gum line, which can make for a very natural appearance. Restoring your smile’s appearance can make you feel more confident and secure. Replacing a lost tooth can restore your smile’s ability to bite and chew, too.

Tooth Loss Can Have Consequences on Your Smile

A dental implant can help you avoid the negative consequences of tooth loss. To schedule a consultation, call Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry of Kansas City, MO, today at 816-427-4018.