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Technological Advances for Your Comfort

December 16, 2022

At Cosmetic And Implant Dentistry of Kansas City, we strive to give you an experience that is second to none in terms of comfort and patient care. This approach is twofold and it starts with the technological advantages of our practice. We use highly precise digital x-rays, which emit less radiation than traditional imagery. Our intraoral cameras and scanners also allow us to more accurately determine the extent of tooth decay and take impressions without messy molds.

Top view of spa element collection

The other area in which we stress patient comfort is through our aesthetic services. Our 816 Med Spa is available to help your path to a more gorgeous experience alongside the medical aspect of our office. This comprehensive methodology gives us a broad array of tools at our disposal to give you the best experience possible!

We Invest in Technology

Dental advances of the last few decades have significantly changed the field of medicine. New computerized techniques in imagery allow for a cleaner and clearer look into the mouth. Our use of digital x-rays can limit the amount of radiation received during this process. While traditional x-rays have not been shown to cause lasting harm, this method ensures that the immunocompromised and the pregnant do not experience more radiation than is necessary to keep your mouth safe.

Precise Imagery With Less Mess

Intraoral cameras are an essential piece of novel technology that can bring new ease to examinations. This piece of equipment gathers imagery from within the mouth and provides a clear view of the structures. This lightweight wand can significantly shorten the time spent in the dental chair and give you a much more pleasant experience.

Scanners provide a new way to take virtual impressions, leaving behind the messy cast molds. These are also highly precise machines that allow us to get a full view of your smile. This process is helpful in diagnosing and treating various concerns, starting with addressing your alignment concerns. Intraoral scanners are also helpful in the creation of prosthodontics such as a dental bridge or a titanium-post implant.

Find Relaxation in Care

Another method we utilize to bring you fantastic care is through our 816 Aesthetic Med Spa. This area of our practice is devoted to a comprehensive wellness regimen and allows you to tailor your cosmetic improvements to your needs. Our office offers high-quality spa treatments alongside your dental needs, which can be very helpful at achieving an overall beauty goal.

A Comfortable Dentistry in Kansas City, MO

For your dental needs, call Cosmetic And Implant Dentistry in Kansas City, MO, today at (816)320-6638. Our 816 Med Spa gives you the flexibility to improve your appearance in a natural manner. Intraoral cameras and scanners can also allow you to resume your daily activities sooner and with less mess!