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Sensitivity Can Be a Sign

December 22, 2022

Dentin sensitivity can be seriously uncomfortable. If you have begun to notice troublesome pain when you consume hot or cold items, it may be a sign that your enamel has become weak. This situation can arise for a number of issues, so it is crucial to document what spurs this feeling. Also helpful to know can be how long the sensitivity exists. Is this a short burst of pain or is this a longer nagging concern?

man feeling tooth ache

Take note of the conditions of your concern and bring them to a trained oral health professional for a proper diagnosis. While there are multiple over-the-counter products available to help with sensitivity, it is important that you address the underlying concern that has brought you here. At Cosmetic And Implant Dentistry of Kansas City, we work to help you stop the progression of what has weakened your enamel. Follow the clues to stop your sensitivity in its tracks!

Finding the Cause

Dentin sensitivity is most often caused by the loss of enamel mass or strength. This durable material forms the exterior of our teeth, giving us what we see when we smile. The enamel is also responsible for our ability to bite and chew. Unfortunately we do not easily rebuild this tissue, so it is up to us to work to keep it intact as we age.

The enamel can suffer damage from a variety of reasons, including the misuse of teeth whitening products. We always suggest that you take your cosmetic dental concerns to a trained professional so that a gentle lift can remove your unwanted stains. The trained perspective of a dentist can help protect your enamel in all instances and should not be discounted.

Making a Dental Appointment

If you are suffering from dental discomfort, do not allow the situation to progress. While you may feel that you can just avoid the problem by altering your diet, this can be a detriment to the future of your smile. Infection within the tooth can also be another cause of your pain. If this is the root of your problem, ignoring it can make things worse for you.

So take the notes that you have compiled on your case and bring them to a routine cleaning and examination so that we can take a good look at your smile. This way we can provide a proper diagnosis and start working on restoring the feel and look of your grin.

Positive Dental Choices in Kansas City, MO

Take the time to schedule a routine cleaning and examination to determine the cause of your dentin sensitivity. Call Dr. Lucaci at Cosmetic And Implant Dentistry of Kansas City in Kansas City, MO today at (816)320-6414 to learn how we can help your smile be the best it can be!