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Prepare for Your Wisdom Teeth

March 24, 2023

Your smile is still developing during your teens and into early adulthood, through the growth of your third (and final) set of molars. These are commonly known as your wisdom teeth, and without a trained eye on their progress, you could struggle. Our mouths simply are not large enough, on average, to hold these additional molars; when they come in, they can push around your existing teeth in unpredictable ways!

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At Cosmetic And Implant Dentistry of Kansas City in Kansas City, MO, we understand the complexities that come alongside the development of your wisdom teeth. This is a very busy time in your life, so prepare yourself as best as you can with regular trips to the dental office for imagery to track the progress of your third molar growth. Digital x-rays give you the opportunity to know where you are at in your development, so that you can better plan for their extraction. Discover the advantages of preparation with consistent trips to the dentist!

Why Do I Have Wisdom Teeth, if I Don’t Need Them?

Essentially, the answer to this is that your teeth have not yet caught up to the changes in the human jaw. Your wisdom teeth are evolutionary remnants from a time when we ate raw meat, requiring much more bite strength than we currently have. Our last set of molars helped early humans to rip fresh meat from bones, and we obviously do not need that additional power now.

Instead, the jaw moved toward a slimmer appearance in our evolution, limiting the space available for your last set of molars. Now, for most people, there simply is not enough room in the back of your mouth to support 4 large additional teeth. They can grow in all sorts of directions, pushing your existing teeth around, or even grow too closely to the hinge of the jaw. This situation can inhibit your ability to properly close your mouth!

How Consistent Imagery Gives You the Chance to Be Prepared for Your Last Set of Molars

Prevention is one of the strongest tools at your disposal in the protection of your smile. Schedule a time with your provider for digital x-rays, which show your dentist where your wisdom teeth currently sit within your jaw, as well as their stage in development. Routine trips to the dentist can help you to avoid the harms of wisdom teeth growth, by determining a need for an extraction before damage begins.

Keeping an Eye on Your Development in Kansas City, MO

Speak with Dr. Lucaci at Cosmetic Implant Dentistry Kansas City in Kansas City, MO at (816)320-6414 for more information or to schedule an appointment, in order to track the growth of your last set of molars. When an extraction becomes necessary, be prepared for your procedure with the powerful tool of prevention!