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Keep Your Smile Strong Over Thanksgiving

November 25, 2019

Will you be traveling to see family, or inviting others over to your house for Thanksgiving? We hope you have a safe and happy holiday, but we also want to discuss tooth decay. Often, binging on sugary and starchy foods could mean a higher risk of tooth decay. However, your Kansas City, MO, dentist has a few tips to keep your smile safe!

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The Link Between Holiday Favorites and Cavities

Foods high in sugar include desserts like pie, cookies, and cake, or even sweet potato casserole. Foods high in starch include mashed potatoes, stuffing, bread, and muffins. When we consume these items, food particles remain left behind on or between the teeth. Once bacteria begins to consume these particles, this increases the levels of oral acidity and coats the teeth in a bacterial byproduct known as plaque. The buildup could weaken tooth enamel, eroding this protective layer and allowing a cavity to form. Plaque buildup is also linked to bad breath, teeth stains, gingivitis, and gum disease.

A Few Preventive Options

First, be sure to drink water with your meal, which helps cleanse your mouth. Consuming fresh fruits when possible, such as carrots or broccoli, which could help scrub away stray food particles and plaque. Once you’re done with dinner, excuse yourself to floss in between each of your teeth, moving the tape up and down the sides of each tooth and dipping below the gum line. Before going to bed you also need to brush for at least two minutes with a toothpaste containing fluoride. If you do begin to experience pain or sensitivity in one or more of your teeth, let us know. If we find you have a cavity, then a lifelike filling could be placed in one visit to protect your tooth from worsening pain and infection.

Signs of Trouble

Once Thanksgiving ends, take advantage of the brief respite before the next holiday arrives and see us for a checkup and cleaning. We will look for possible signs of trouble and if needed, administer treatment to prevent the onset of decay and other oral health concerns. You have a chance to not only improve your smile before the year ends, but also to use your 2019 dental insurance benefits before they expire. Our team will also clean your teeth during the same visit, removing plaque buildup and protecting your teeth and gums from serious oral health concerns. If you have any questions, then please contact our team today.

Talk to Our Team Today

We can help you enjoy a healthy smile throughout the holiday season with regular visits for exams and checkups. To learn more about our preventive and general treatment options, then please schedule a consultation by calling Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry of Kansas City, MO, today at 816-427-4018.