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A Non-surgical Apnea Approach

October 20, 2022

Many people have issues with their sleep that extend beyond the occasional snore. When your airway becomes obstructed, you may momentarily pause your breath until it reopens. This condition is known as sleep apnea, and it is a serious medical concern.

Sleeping, tired and burnout business woman

Do not ignore this if you feel you may be experiencing this. This condition can lead to a higher rate of blood pressure, and increase your likelihood of stroke and heart disease. So while you may feel it is just an inconvenience, you could be doing serious damage to your health while you sleep. Today, your Kansas City, MO dentist espouses the seriousness of this condition, and how our custom mouthguards may provide relief without the bulkiness of a CPAP machine or surgery!

Serious Harm to Your Health

Sleep apnea affects the level of oxygen we have within our blood. This means that the condition can lead to serious complications that spread all round the body. Why the sound may come from the localized area of your throat, the overarching concerns can be devastating.

If you are currently putting off treatment, please seek guidance from a trained oral health care professional. Apnea is associated with elevated blood pressure, and other cardiovascular concerns. Strokes and heart attacks are much more common in those with this condition, and relieving this with a custom mouthguard may provide a great non-surgical solution for your issue.

Struggles Through the Day

You may be affecting your daily life through letting your condition continue without treatment. If you find yourself becoming tired before lunch, it may be a sign that you are not getting the sleep you should. And you may have become used to this level of rest through years of harm, but have to live every day with a sense of malaise and fatigue.

But the effort and annoyance of a CPAP machine continues to keep a barrier between patients and care. However, if you are looking for a non-surgical solution, a dental apparatus might be able to help you!

Natural Relief

A large hurdle for many clients is the idea that apnea treatment has to be cumbersome and loud. CPAP machines are frequent jokes on television due to their unappealing appearance. And if you have a romantic partner, you might prefer something a little less intrusive.

Our custom-fitted mouthguards might be a fantastic fit for you, in a way that doesn’t need electricity or hoses. And we may be able to avoid troublesome surgery. If at all possible, comprehensive medicine promotes the idea of helping our bodies rather than radically changing them.

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