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A Comfortable Oral Surgery Experience

October 27, 2022

It may be Halloween, but there’s nothing frightening about the possibility of oral surgery. From time to time, we need to adjust forms of tissue, or replace enamel with harmful damage. When most people think about surgery, they may think about a serious open heart situation from a medical television drama.

Professional dental tools

But surgery simply means the movement of physical tissue and the manipulation of it. This has a much different meaning when it comes to the structures of the mouth than it does with the organs of the torso. We can’t take a pill to regrow enamel or restore our gumline, it actually takes moving things. Today, your Kansas City, MO dentist explains why you should feel relaxed about the possibility of any of our broad selection of oral surgery techniques. While the imagery may seem frightening, there is nothing uncommon or risky about the possibility of a surgical procedure within your mouth!

Teen Concerns

One of the most common forms of oral surgery is the extraction of your third set of molars. These are also often referred to as our wisdom teeth, and they can create serious issues within the mouths of adolescents and young adults. Our mouths have evolved past the need for these structures, and they often create overcrowding. Beyond that, these teeth tend to grow erratically, and can push your existing alignment out of its location.

The growth can be so strong that it can even crack or chip your existing natural teeth. When this occurs, it can expose the interior pulp of the tooth and require another surgery, a root canal. This is the removal of the fleshy interior of the structure. While it is very effective at removing pain, we would like to address this concern before it comes to this more invasive approach.

Restore Your Gums

Gumline restoration is another highly popular form of oral surgery that might appear more invasive than it is. Your periodontal tissue creates a powerful barrier between our body and the outside world. When this develops an infection, it often pulls back from the tooth, exposing the vulnerable systems that link to the jaw.

Without this seal, bacteria begin to grow in the pocket between the two, and they can develop very quickly. If this is untreated, it can lead to a root canal, as well. Not only this, but it can also cause tooth and bone loss at this site. So do not let this wait, see a trained oral health professional as soon as you can!

Questions or Concerns?

There are many different ways that oral surgery can bring your smile to a new peak. Schedule a consultation and we can begin your plan for a better smile. Please give Dr. Lucaci at Cosmetic Implant Dentistry Kansas City in Kansas City, MO a call today at (816)320-6414!