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A Filling Can Protect Your Tooth

January 15, 2018

If you brush and floss twice a day, moderate the eating of sweets, and visit your dentist for regular exams and cleanings, you are doing the best you can to care for your smile. Though sometimes, despite even the most excellent of care, you could find yourself with a cavity. Cavities can be caused by poor hygiene, but issues like grinding your teeth or misalignment can lead to cavities. A cavity is formed once tooth decay has eroded your enamel to create a small hole. If caught early enough, a filling can treat a cavity and protect your tooth from further damage.

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How Does It Help?

A filling is a treatment for tooth decay that has affected your enamel and dentin. First, your dentist will fully disinfect the tooth and remove any damaged debris or parts of the tooth. After the tooth is sanitized, a composite resin material will be used to fortify the tooth and restore it. This helps to restore the tooth’s abilities and appearance, while also protecting it against continued decay or damage.

Ignoring the Need for a Filling

Cavities are important to treat before they get worse, but cavities cannot always be felt. They are often not painful until it is too late for a filling. Regular checkups and cleanings are important so that your dentist can identify any cavities before they reach this point. If a cavity is left untreated, the decay can travel further within the tooth to the inner pulp. At this point, the decay can cause quite a toothache and a filling will no longer be enough to save the tooth. A root canal treatment will likely be required to remove the infection from the inner areas of the tooth. Without root canal treatment, an abscess infection could form at the tip of the root near the bone. To prevent harm to your health or to the rest of your teeth, the infected tooth may end up needing to be extracted.

A Filling Can Protect Your Tooth From Further Harm

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