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Your Fillings Will Look Natural

February 17, 2022
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If you have a cavity, your tooth could hurt and the risk of an infection could rise. To offer relief and to protect your smile, you need a dental restoration. For cavities, we could offer treatment with a custom composite resin dental filling. In today’s blog, your Kansas City, MO, dentist talks about natural-looking fillings.

When a Tooth Needs Treatment

How do you know if you have a cavity that needs attention? If you attend checkups every six months , then we will likely discover the issue before you experience discomfort, treating it early on. However, if you don’t attend regular visits, you may not know you have a cavity until the decay reaches a more advanced stage. At this point, you could encounter sensitivity when you eat and drink, and a painful toothache that doesn’t subside. This means your decay is soon to be an infection unless you seek treatment right away.

Care With a Custom Filling

When you sit down in the chair, we will carefully examine your smile with digital x-rays and intraoral cameras. We use these to obtain clear and detailed images, so we can make a diagnosis with accuracy and precision. For most cases of tooth decay, treatment with a filling is possible in one visit. We will begin by numbing the tooth so you’re comfortable as we remove decay and clean the tooth. The composite resin filling material is then applied. This is metal-free, and we can color-match it to blend with your tooth. This is also safe for people of all ages! We then mold the tooth as the composite resin cures under a special light. The last step is to polish the tooth for a brighter appearance.

Steps to Avoid Tooth Decay

How do we avoid a cavity in the first place? First, make sure you care for your teeth each and every day, which means brushing for two minutes with fluoride toothpaste in the morning and again before going to bed. You also need to floss thoroughly every evening. Cutting back on sugar and starch-rich foods and drinks helps too, as this limits plaque buildup. Finally, be sure you see us every six months, so we can keep an eye on your smile and also remove all plaque and tartar before the buildup weakens and erodes the outer enamel. If you have any questions, then contact our team today to learn more.

Talk to Your Kansas City, MO Dentist About Treating Cavities

We want to help you avoid the pain of an untreated cavity with a custom dental restoration. If you have questions about how we treat tooth decay or help you avoid cavities, then contact your Kansas City, MO, dentist, Dr. Lucaci, by calling 816-427-4018.