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Your Comfort Is Key

July 16, 2017
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We understand that going to the dentist is not everyone’s idea of fun. In fact, some people find going to the dentist downright anxiety-inducing. Dental health is a very important part of your overall health. So, it is important that dread and anxiety not keep you from maintaining your dental health. At Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry of Kansas City, we strive to create the most comfortable and relaxing environment as possible. We have built a practice focused on providing you with excellent care with a strong focus on your comfort. We want you to want to come to the dentist.

Heated Massage Chairs

To keep you relaxed during your time with us, our office is equipped with heated, massage chairs. We will take care of your teeth while you drift away and pretend your at the spa.

Entertainment System

While you wait, feel free to choose something to watch or listen to from our customizable entertainment system.


We are one of the few offices in the area that offer IV sedation. Intravenous (IV) sedation is an option for patients with severe dental anxiety or for patients undergoing oral surgery. IV sedation is administered by certified anesthesiologist who will monitor your vital signs and sedation level throughout the procedure. If you feel like you have severe dental anxiety, please talk to us.

Skilled, Quality Care

The most important piece of the comfort puzzle is trust. If you trust that your dentist is competent, trained, and skilled, you will automatically feel more at ease. Dr. Lucaci, Dr. Jackson, and Dr. Shapiro are all highly trained and they keep themselves educated on the latest techniques and technology. Our team wants to make a difference in your smile and your life.

Our Goal Is to Make You Comfortable

To learn more about Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry of Kansas City in Kansas City, MO, schedule a consultation, by calling 816-427-4018.