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We Can Help You Show off a Brighter Smile!

February 3, 2022
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As enamel stains start to worsen, it can be harder to maintain confidence in your appearance. Unfortunately, you can have a difficult time managing this problem when you only rely on store bought treatments. At our Kansas City, MO dentist’s office, we can provide options for cosmetic dentistry that are focused on brightening your smile. Professional whitening agents can deal with discoloration that have proven difficult to fight. We also provide alternative procedures capable of addressing intrinsic discoloration. When problems within your tooth structure change your smile color, we can discuss options like care with porcelain veneers, or dental bonding work, to make sure that you see the changes you are after.

Teeth Stains Can Make Your Teeth Appear Less Bright

As you pick up enamel stains from different foods and drinks, you can have a tough time hiding your discomfort with the way your smile looks. Because so many products are capable of hurting your smile, it can be tough to avoid some changes in your appearance. There are products that you can find at your nearby grocery store or pharmacy, but you can feel unimpressed by the results they deliver. Talking to your dentist about professional teeth whitening treatment can lead to more exciting improvements that give you a real confidence boost.

Taking Home a Personalized Whitening Treatment

Our practice can prepare a personalized teeth whitening kit that you use to fight discoloration. These kits include advanced whitening agents that are capable of dealing with stains that have left you concerned about your appearance. Using these treatments on a daily basis will lead to gradual changes that make your smile brighter and more attractive. These kits also provide trays that help you apply your whitening gels with ease.

Learning All of Your Options for Improving Your Smile

Teeth stains may be a common problem, but they are not the only issue that can cause you to experience discoloration. There are other cosmetic dental procedures that can help with intrinsic discoloration. Our practice can recommend that you have porcelain veneers placed to address this and other problems. These restorations hide blemishes as well as dental damage, problems with tooth shape and size, and even issues with your spacing. We can also recommend a dental bonding and contouring procedure, which can deliver results in just one appointment!

Talk to Your Kansas City, MO Dentist About How You Can Show off a Brighter Smile

If you have concerns about the color of your smile, you can explore treatment options that address the different causes of discoloration. Our practice provides options for cosmetic treatment, and we are also here to help when oral health issues need attention. If you have questions about your treatment options, contact your Kansas City, MO, dentist, Dr. Lucaci, by calling 816-427-4018.