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Tips for Avoiding Cavities While You’re Home

April 1, 2020

Being stuck at home often means boredom and a propensity for snacking among kids and adults alike. Unless you continue to maintain good oral hygiene, your smile could develop cavities and serious discomfort! In today’s blog, your Kansas City, MO, talks about how to avoid cavities, and when you should see us for treatment.

Avoid tooth cavities

What Causes a Cavity?

When we eat lots of foods high in sugar and starch, and we happen to brush and floss irregularly or poorly, then we give bacteria an opportunity to find and break down trapped food particles. This not only elevates the levels of oral acidity in your mouth, but also coats the teeth in a sticky layer of plaque buildup. Soon, the plaque could begin to weaken and erode tooth enamel, allowing bacteria to then reach the inner dentin, which is much more sensitive. A cavity then forms that will grow in size and severity unless treated. Common warning signs include toothaches and tooth sensitivity, which tends to grow worse with time. The tooth could eventually develop a painful infection or abscess! To preserve the stability and health of your smile, you need to take proper steps to safeguard your teeth against issue smile tooth decay.

Preventive Actions

To help protect your smile, start by cutting back on sugary and starchy foods and drinks. Instead, choose healthy alternatives, like water, fruits and vegetables, cheeses, nuts, and yogurts, and other tasty items with vitamins and nutrients. Also, you need to brush your teeth for no less than two minutes when you wake up and again before you go to bed. We suggest flossing before bed each night too, as this removes what a toothbrush cannot reach. These actions can help reduce your risk of developing cavities until you can see us again for a professional exam and cleaning.

When Should I See the Dentist?

You should contact our team if you begin to experience persistent pain in one or more of your teeth. These aches could signal the onset of a cavity or possibly even a dental infection. Ignoring the issue increases the likelihood of losing the tooth altogether, so let us know. We can often address the problem in one visit with a lifelike dental filling. If you have any questions about identifying and treating cavities, or about what you can do to avoid the onset of decay, then please contact our team today.

Do You Have Questions About Routine Homecare?

We want to makes sure you and your family have the information you need to safeguard your smile. To learn more about improving your overall oral health and the restorative options we offer to protect your smile, then schedule a consultation by calling Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry of Kansas City, MO, today at 816-427-4018.