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Things About Your Prosthesis That Dental Implants Improve

June 21, 2019

Today’s modern dental bridges and dentures are so advanced in their construction and materials that they’re often virtually indistinguishable from healthy, natural teeth. Designed and crafted with the help of precise digital imaging and made from highly lifelike materials, such as porcelain, modern replacement teeth are more advanced than ever. However, there’s one significant way in which you can still improve yours – by giving it more lifelike support with the help of dental implants. At our Kansas City, MO, dental office, we can help you decide if your prosthesis can use one or more dental implants, and if you qualify to receive them.

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The Way It’s Held in Place

Dental implants are posts designed to mimic your healthy, natural teeth roots. To do that, they’re placed within your jawbone and then utilized to secure your replacement toot or teeth in place. While traditional bridges rely on dental crowns bonded to abutment teeth and partials/dentures may rely on clasps and adhesives, implant posts provide more lifelike anchors to keep your prosthesis steady. Like roots, your implant posts will prevent your replacement teeth from losing its grip over time and shifting uncomfortably when you bite, chew, and speak.

The Way It Looks and Feels

Eliminating the need for abutment teeth and clasps means that your dental bridge or crown won’t feel as obtrusive as conventional prostheses sometimes can. In addition to remaining steady, your implant-supported prosthesis also won’t have additional apparatus that you might be noticeable when you bite and chew. The more lifelike feel and the sturdier, more realistic appearance of your replacement teeth will also help improve the overall, long-term function of your custom prosthesis.

The Way It Interacts With Your Jaw

One of the most important benefits of dental implants is related more to the jawbone structure that supports your teeth. The roots of your teeth serve several purposes, including stimulating your jawbone so that your body knows to send it enough minerals and nutrients to support your teeth. Your body also registers the reduced stimulation that results from the loss of one or more teeth roots, and responds by sending your jawbone fewer nutrients. Dental implants are the only way to reestablish this flow and help keep your jawbone strong and healthy long after you’ve lost teeth.

Improve Your Prosthesis With Dental Implants

When you support your dental prosthesis on one or more dental implants, there are several different aspects of it that are improved almost immediately. For more information, or to schedule a consultation, call Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry of Kansas City, MO, today at 816-427-4018.