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Take Advantage of Our Wisdom Tooth Special

April 12, 2019
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Throughout the month of April, we will be offering free nitrous oxide for Kansas City, MO, patients undergoing wisdom tooth removal. Extracting your third molars offers a number of benefits and protects the health and stability of your smile. In today’s blog, we’re explaining how addressing your wisdom teeth helps improve oral health.

Why Do We Need Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Our third molars are a set of up to four molars that don’t arrive until a person reaches his or her late teens or early 20s. While for some the arrival of these teeth don’t have a major impact, for most they may lead to misalignment, or become impacted. An impaction means they only partially erupt, leading to damaged teeth and an increased risk of pain and infection. By removing these teeth, we help preserve the health and stability of your smile. If you’re approaching adulthood and worry about the arrival of your new teeth, or if they’re currently erupting and harming your smile’s health and appearance, then please let us know so we can help you enjoy a stable and attractive smile.

Sedation and Oral Surgery

As we mentioned above, this special includes free nitrous oxide. Also known as laughing gas, this form of dental sedation helps patients enter a calm and relaxed state, with little to no memory of the procedure. We always take steps to ensure our patients remain comfortable during our procedures, including our dental extractions. We will address any of your questions and concerns, and after the procedure will provide detailed information on eating and caring for your smile in the hours and days following the treatment. We want to help ensure a quick and comfortable healing process free of complications.

Other Reasons Extraction May Be Beneficial

Dental extractions are not just limited to removing third molars. In fact, we’ve often used them in the first step of orthodontic improvement, removing a tooth to provide room to correct misalignment. We also address severely damaged teeth and those with advanced infection, which helps prevent infection from reaching surrounding teeth or moving into the jawbone. If a tooth become loose due to gum disease, we also recommend extraction. If you have any questions about addressing wisdom teeth, or if you would like to learn more about our current special, then contact our team today. We want to help you enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile for many years to come.

Do You Have Questions About Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Addressing your additional molars means improving your oral health and preventing serious complications. With our special, you also enjoy free sedation. To learn more about oral surgery or about our current specials, then schedule a consultation by calling Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry of Kansas City, MO, today at 816-427-4018.