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Problems a Cosmetic Procedure Can Address

June 2, 2021

Are you stuck with no option other than to simply tolerate the current state of your smile, or is there something you can do to improve your appearance in a meaningful way? Through the right cosmetic dental procedure, you can actually target the problems that you feel keep you from feeling truly confident in the way you look. Our Kansas City, MO dentist’s office provides many services that help patients feel more comfortable with their smile. Even if you have several changes that you want to make to the way you look, you can find that you can show off enviable changes in a short time. For example, we can use porcelain veneers to make positive changes to the shape, size, and color of unsightly teeth after only two appointments!

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Trouble With Dental Discoloration

Dental discoloration is something many people will point to as an issue with their appearance. You may assume that if your smile is discolored, it means that you should look into teeth whitening treatment. This approach helps those who have issues with accumulated stains, but for those with discoloration linked to internal issues it can be more appropriate to look into other cosmetic dental treatment options. We can help you determine the root of your difficulties, and we can then provide recommendations for a procedure that can help you.

Concerns About Wear and Tear Affecting Teeth

You may think of dental damage as something that occurs after an accident that chips, cracks, or breaks a tooth. These issues are certainly serious, and they can call for care from the dentist’s office. However, you should know that general wear and tear is also something that can impact you. Over time, a gradual buildup of wear and tear can make your teeth look dull and uneven. With porcelain veneers, or through tooth bonding treatment, we can make your smile look younger, healthier, and more uniform.

Awkward, Uneven Teeth Spacing Issues

With clear braces, we can gradually and discreetly move teeth that are awkwardly aligned. By doing this, we can improve the way you look by closing gaps, fixing awkward overlaps, and generally making your appearance more symmetrical. Clear braces make orthodontic work feel more accessible to those who feel that traditional braces are not a good fit for them.

Talk to Your Kansas City, MO Dentist About Undergoing a Cosmetic Procedure

Through treatment at Cosmetic And Implant Dentistry Of Kansas City, you can start to show off a better, brighter smile that gives you more confidence. We can help you identify the right procedure to make desirable and lasting changes. If you would like to find out more, please contact your Kansas City, MO, dentist, Dr. Lucaci, by calling 816-427-4018.