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Periodontal Treatment for Poor Gum Health

June 23, 2021

When harmful oral bacteria and other factors lead to poor gum health, this could mean an increased risk of periodontal disease and with it, a higher likelihood of bleeding gums and even tooth loss. To maintain good overall oral health, you need strong and healthy gums. In today’s blog, your Kansas City, MO, dentist talks about improving gum health, both from our office and from the comfort of your own home.

periodontal treatment

The Causes of Poor Gum Health

When we don’t brush and floss properly, and we fail to see the dentist for a checkup and cleaning, this could allow plaque and tartar buildup to accumulate and grow more severe. The buildup the irritates and inflames the gum tissues, which causes them to become red and feel sore. As the issue grows worse, the tissues could begin to bleed easily when you brush and floss. Without treatment to reverse the gingivitis stage, periodontal disease could form, which cannot be cured but requires treatment to prevent the later stages, which are linked to tooth loss. Other factors include inflammatory illnesses, the use of certain medications, or smoking cigarettes and using other tobacco products.

Treatment Options

To reverse gingivitis or begin managing periodontal disease, we will prescribe a scaling and root planing. Also known as a deep cleaning, this process involves administering a numbing agent and then using an ultrasonic scaling device and a manual tool to break up and remove buildup from the teeth and roots. The procedure could take one visit, or up to four, the length of time depends on the cause and extent of the buildup. We then polish the teeth for a more attractive and appearance. Afterward, regular dental cleanings every three to four months help us keep the smile strong, and prevents the stages linked to adult tooth loss. For more severe cases, we could discuss other treatment options.

Improving Oral Hygiene

In addition to visits for professional cleanings, you should also take steps to protect your smile from home. You should brush twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste, for at least two minutes each session. We also suggest floss every evening too. Cut back on tobacco products too! If you have any questions about how to provide periodontal treatment, or about keeping your smile healthy from home, then contact our team today to learn more. We want to help you preserve your smile and avoid painful symptoms and tooth loss.

Do You Need to Schedule a Consultation?

We offer treatment to safeguard your smile and improve both the teeth and the gums. To learn more about how to help improve the health of your gums and avoid disease, then schedule a consultation by calling Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry of Kansas City, MO, today at 816-427-4018.