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How Often Should a Child Have a Checkup and Cleaning?

October 2, 2019
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As an adult, you need to see us about twice a year for a checkup or cleaning, or every three to four months if you have gum disease. But what about our little patients? When should children see their Kansas City, MO, dentist for a routine checkup and cleaning? We’re going to talk about examining and cleaning young smiles in today’s blog.

The First Visit

You may be surprised to find out how early your child should see the dentist! We always advise parents to bring their kids in for an initial exam once the first baby tooth arrives. At this point, the visit will obviously not be focused on treatment, but we will provide an exam to make sure teeth are erupting properly, and to discuss oral hygiene for babies and toddlers. We may recommend a follow-up in the next few months. You should clean your baby’s first teeth when they wake up and again before laying them down for the night, as the milk or juice coating their teeth could promote cavities, even in teeth that have just arrived!

Regular Care

By age two your children should be seeing us every six months for a regular checkup and cleaning. During these visits, we will have the chance to monitor the smile and watch for the early warning signs of trouble, such a childhood cavities, misalignment, and gingivitis. Having your teeth cleaned removes plaque buildup, something brushing and flossing alone cannot, and reduces the risk of cavities in the process. We can also discuss smile-healthy snacks, proper brushing and flossing, and other tips for you and your family to help improve overall oral health and safeguard smiles against the threats of tooth decay and gum disease.

Signs of Possible Concerns

When should you see is in between scheduled visits? If your child complains about an aching tooth, let us know, as this could indicate the presence of a cavity. If a tooth becomes cracked or chipped, treatment is crucial for preventing decay and infection in the tooth. Any changes to their smile should be brought to our attention, so we can make sure your little ones continue to enjoy healthy, bright smiles. If you have any questions about preventive care, or about caring for smiles from home, then please contact our team today. We’re here to help families in Kansas City, MO, enjoy optimal oral health!

We Offer Preventive Dental Care!

With our preventive care, we would like to help people of all ages enjoy optimal oral health. To learn more about our exams and dental cleanings, as well as our preventive fluoride treatments and dental sealants, then please schedule a consultation by calling Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry of Kansas City, MO, today at 816-427-4018.