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Gums Are a Vital Part of Positive Oral Health

July 5, 2023

If you have noticed a change in your gumline, take the time to speak with a talented team of dental experts about your periodontal health. A staggering number of adults in this country struggle with the infection and inflammation of gum tissue, with almost half of us experiencing some form of this condition. Periodontal disease is often identified as the leading cause of tooth loss, and it particularly difficult to manage on your own.

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With help from our dental practice in Beacon Hills in Kansas City, MO, you can take steps to slow or even stop the progression of your periodontal disease. Start your oral health journey with a cleaning and examination during your semiannual checkup and discuss the health of your gums. If plaque and tartar have begun to accumulate beneath your gumline, scaling and root planing can help you to free yourself of this bacterial buildup. Keep the emphasis on your overall dental wellbeing with periodontal services from our team!

Gum Disease Is a Common Condition That Risks Your Dental Health

When you start to see a difference in the health of your gums, reach out to a dentist about your condition. This may be a sign that you are struggling with infection and inflammation within your periodontal tissue, and this situation can become dangerous to the appearance and lasting strength of your smile. Your gums provide valuable support for your teeth and when they start to recede, you become at risk of tooth decay and even loss.

The first step in periodontal disease is known as gingivitis, and even in this initial phase, you should talk to a trained dental professional about your options in treatment. You may notice that you have redness or swelling at a point in your smile. Bleeding while brushing is another common symptom, so schedule an appointment with your dentist if you are experiencing this on a regular basis.

Dedicated Periodontal Services Can Help You to Take Care of Your Gums

One of the ways that you can take better care of your smile is with a thorough cleaning at and below your gumline. Bacterial buildup of plaque and tartar can happen beneath your gums where it is difficult for your brushing and flossing to clean. Scaling and root planing can help you to have a healthier smile by removing this harmful biofilm. Ask your dentist about all of the ways that you can keep your gums healthy!

Caring for Your Smile With Periodontal Care in Kansas City, MO

Have you started to see a change in your periodontal health? To learn more about the benefits of scaling and root planing in keeping your gums safe from infection, give us a call at Cosmetic And Implant Dentistry in Kansas City, MO at (816)320-6638!