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Getting a Same-Day Crown

January 3, 2018

Life gets busy, which means dealing with your dental needs can take the back burner. When wanting to save time, it is not unusual for people to put taking care of themselves last.  With in-office CEREC technology, you can get a same-day dental crown. The traditional process for getting a dental crown required getting a mold of your mouth and then sending it out to a third-party lab to create the crown. Sending it out of the office could take one week or more to get the crown. Getting a crown in a single visit means getting immediate protection for a vulnerable tooth and getting back to your busy life.

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How Does It Work?

CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) technology is one way that enables you to get a same-day crown. The crown is sculpted in your dentist’s office instead of being created in a third-party lab. First, your dentist will take digital scans of your tooth, bite, and mouth. Digital scans are more precise and comfortable. These accurate scans and measurements will be sent to an onsite milling lab. With the use of computer-aided drafting and manufacturing, your crown will be designed and then sculpted in the onsite lab. This is usually done in less than an hour, which allows for your dentist to fit you with your custom crown in that same visit. 

Why Get a Crown?

A tooth that requires the protection of a dental crown is a tooth in a vulnerable state. Whether it has just been treated with an endodontic root canal therapy or it has been severely fractured, it is imperative that your tooth receive protection. A crown acts like a permanent cap or a helmet protecting the damaged tooth beneath it from further decay or damage. Protection from a crown may be able to help prevent the need for a root canal treatment or dental extraction. Leaving a vulnerable tooth unprotected increases your risk of losing that tooth.

A Same-Day Crown Offers Faster Protection

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