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Gently Correct Your Alignment

November 10, 2022

Alignment concerns are one of the most common issues that oral health professionals see in their offices. Even if you take immaculate care of your smile, the growth of our teeth is rarely perfect. These problems can sometimes move from being a simple cosmetic discussion into one that is medically beneficial or even necessary for you.

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Traditionally, orthodontics relied upon the use of metal braces to slowly pull your teeth into their correct location. This includes the use of a cement onto a location on your enamel. This is a point of stress that can be avoided with the use of clear aligner technology. These are plastic molds of your mouth. Progressively, you will move from one set to another, getting increasingly closer to your goal. This approach can help you to avoid the stress of traditional braces, while keeping your orthodontic improvement to yourself. Today, your Kansas City, MO dentist introduces you to the ways that clear aligner technology can give you the best smile of your life!

A Proactive Effort

Often, people are ashamed of their smile, and they try to hide it. If this sounds like you, you may try to limit the times that people see your teeth. Maybe you alter the way that you eat and talk so that other people will not see your mouth.

But clear aligner technology can help you move past those activities and be proud of your oral health. If you are a teenager, this may seem like the worst possible moment to have to deal with yet another complication with your growth and development. All while at the most socially important time of your life. Take advantage of this aproach so that your smile gradually improves without your peers even noticing!

If you’re a little bit older than a teenager, this might also be a fantastic approach for you. Some people find it off-putting to have a set of traditional braces while operating and working as a professional adult. You may feel that the people at the office won’t take you as seriously. Clear aligners can help you to give you the best smile of your life, regardless of your age!

Gently Adjust Your Smile

The concept of alignment treatment through orthodontics stems from our ability to slowly reposition our dental structures without our jaw bone matter. With traditional braces, the cemented points serve to pull things into their intended location. Such dragging can be uncomfortable or downright painful.

Clear aligner technology comes at things from a slightly different approach. Instead, these trays closely hug the teeth, moving them with the most surface area possible. This spreads the stress much further!

We’re Here for You

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