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Fall Sports and Custom Mouth Guards

September 10, 2018
Men playing Rugby

High school football season in Kansas City, MO has begun. Along with football, sports like soccer, volleyball, and cross country have kicked off their fall season. If somebody in your family plays a high-impact sport, have you considered a custom mouth guard? A customized mouth guard is created specifically to the dimensions of a unique smile rather than being a generic-sized, store-bought mouth guard. According to the Academy of Sports Dentistry, customized mouth guards may offer more protection than a non-customized one. The protection that a mouth guard provides isn’t only for the mouth; a mouth guard can protect the brain against concussions.

Protection for the Smile

An orofacial injury is far less likely to occur when wearing a mouth guard than when not wearing one. The risk of chipping a tooth, knocking a tooth out altogether, or experiencing any other type of damage is lower when a mouth guard is worn. A customized mouth guard can offer more protection by offering a better fit. Even just millimeters of space or different curvatures between the teeth and appliance can make a difference in protection.

Protection Against Concussions

A mouth guard absorbs shock and pressure that physical impact can present. While it can protect the teeth, gums, tongue, and rest of the mouth from a physical blow, it may also be able to protect the brain. It does so by absorbing the shock that may travel to the brain. The joints of your jaw (temporomandibular joints) can act like a conductor to send the impact’s effect up to the rest of the head. A good-fitting mouth guard can absorb the impact to reduce the effects that may happen to the mouth and head. A study by the Academy of General Dentistry shows that athletes wearing custom mouth guards had a lower incident of concussions.

Does Your Family Play Fall Sports?

Custom mouth guards can add important protection during fall sports. To schedule a consultation, call Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry of Kansas City, MO, today at 816-427-4018.