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Extra Steps for Protecting Family’s Smiles

August 8, 2018

If you are a parent, you probably put a lot of focus into protecting your child. You try to keep them safe from harm. You try to keep them healthy in the face of illness. For people of any age, prevention is especially important when it comes to oral health. Most problems are progressive, which means they will worsen given time instead of healing on their own. If you have a family in Kansas City, MO, please know that our team is here to help protect your smiles. Some of these extra steps can make a big difference in keeping smiles healthy.

Family brushing teeth together

Protection With Dental Sealants

Because kids are still growing and their bodies need the extra energy, kids tend to gravitate towards sweets. Having a sweet tooth ups the likelihood that a child will overload on candy and sweets. Even healthy sweets like fruit juice tend to be consumed more likely by children. Pair the inclination for sweets and a lack of motor skills for efficient brushing and you’ve got a perfect storm for cavities. Dental sealants can offer a literal layer of protection against bacteria. Sealants are applied directly to the surfaces of the teeth to prevent decay-causing bacteria from reaching the tooth’s enamel.

Fortification With Fluoride

Fluoride is a mineral that can help keep enamel, the protective layer of teeth, strong and fortified. Strong enamel is less likely to erode from the acidic attacks of tooth decay.

Prevention With Routine

Along with the protective steps of sealants and fluoride treatments, just visiting the dentist for routine exams and cleanings can make a huge difference in oral health. Exams and cleanings give the dentist a chance to stop big problems before they occur or to deal with them before they wreak serious havoc. A strong oral hygiene routine at home can make a world of difference in a smile’s condition, too. Brushing at least twice a day, flossing at least once, and drinking plenty of water are all ways to keep the smile clean and healthy.

Smile Protection Is Important

We want to help your entire family protect their smiles. To schedule a consultation, call Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry of Kansas City, MO, today at 816-427-4018.