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Endodontic Repair for Your Dental Infection

May 5, 2023

If you have begun to feel discomfort or even pain in your mouth, you should take the opportunity to speak with a trusted dentist about your condition. This may be a warning sign that you have an internal tooth infection, and if so, you may need restorative care to renew your smile. One of these methods is a root canal treatment procedure, which can help you to eradicate the bacterial growth that is troubling you.

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At our office in Kansas City, MO, we can help you to feel better through the help of endodontics. When you have issues relating to the internal workings of your teeth, talk to a valued member of our team about whether a root canal is the right move for your smile. This process includes the removal of the soft tissue known as pulp, freeing you of the pain associated with your infection. After your treatment, you will require a durable dental crown to restabilize the location and prevent reinfection. Talk to your dentist about your options in the material of your dental crown, as you have options!

Infection Can Mean a Painful Toothache and a Risk of Bacterial Spread

Your tooth pain could be a result of internal bacterial growth within your tooth, and if so, it is important that you see a trained dental professional quickly after you first notice any discomfort. You may need an endodontic procedure to save your tooth and prevent the further progression of your infection. Without care, these harmful microorganisms can cause serious damage that can risk your smile. In order to save your tooth, schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible.

A Root Canal Procedure Can Help You Save Your Tooth

root canal procedure can help you to stop the throbbing toothache that you are currently experiencing. This process involves the removal of the soft tissue within your tooth, ridding you of your infection. Without treatment, bacteria can spread into the bone tissue of your jaw or even into your bloodstream!

If you have been putting off seeking treatment for your toothache, you are risking the future of your smile. Take the time to discuss your options with your dentist and see if a root canal treatment procedure is the right move for your smile. After the removal of your pulp, you will require the placement of a dental crown to stabilize your tooth and prevent reinfection. Be sure to discuss the different materials available in your new crown!

Learn More About Endodontics With Our Staff in Kansas City

When you have an internal tooth infection, reach out to your dentist quickly to avoid further progression of your condition. Give us a call at Cosmetic And Implant Dentistry in Kansas City, MO at (816)320-6638 for more information on root canal treatments!