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Enamel Serves a Vital Function

January 27, 2023

Your smile is constantly under attack, as bacteria thrive in the warm and dark environment of the mouth. There is also a constant supply of food, as they feast on the remnants of the things you eat and drink. Particularly harmful in this regard are carbohydrates and sugars in particular. The growth of these microorganisms leads to the buildup of a film known as plaque, and the acidic waste they create can erode your natural enamel. Plaque can be removed with thorough brushing and flossing, but beware. If you are lacking in your oral hygiene, this material may harden into plaque.

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You need the help of a trained dental care provider to remove plaque, as it will remain even after vigorous home cleaning. Be sure to schedule your examination every six months at Cosmetic And Implant Dentistry of Kansas City in Kansas City, MO. Consistent visits to your dentist for cleaning can help you to maintain your natural enamel.

How Long Has It Been Since Your Last Visit?

The standard guideline for adult mouths is around every six months for your routine checkup with your dentist. This approach gives your dental professional a consistent view of your mouth in order to identify any problem developments. This includes both a visual examination and a thorough cleaning of the entirety of your mouth.

If it has been longer since your last visit, now is a great time to take control of your dental journey. Start taking your oral health seriously beginning with an examination and cleaning. The removal of your plaque and tartar can help you to feel better immediately. Take the time to plan your next steps as well. We are here for smiles at all stages and conditions.

Your Dentist Will Identify Enamel Weaknesses

Through the examination, your dentist may find areas of your enamel that are in need of some reinforcement. This can come in the form of a dental filling. The repair of your damaged enamel is vital in protecting your tooth from further infection that can result in endodontic procedures or even an extraction. Your enamel is a shield for the more vulnerable areas underneath!

Essentialc Dental Care in Kansas City, MO

The care of your enamel is vital to the lasting future of your smile. Protect your teeth with frequent and consistent visits to the dentist for a checkup. Your cleanings and examinations serve to reach diagnoses soon after problems develop. Waiting between visits can allow your smile to fall into disrepair due to negligence. Take control of your oral health with an appointment with Cosmetic And Implant Dentistry in Kansas City, MO. Give us a call today at (816)320-6638 to schedule a time for your checkup or to discuss your specific smile needs further.